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    If you are interested in taking out a loan via our website, we would strongly recommend that you review the overall cost of the loan before finalising an agreement. We strongly urge all of our customers to borrow only what they have the ability to pay back. First, check what your monthly disposable income is, then subtract the total amount of the loan repayment (plus interest). If you still have enough money left over from this balance, then it is possible that the loan may be affordable for you.

  • Annual Percentage Rates

    We are an experienced loan introducer, that introduce you to lenders for the purpose of obtaining a loan lenders or other loan brokers.

    We work hard to put procedures in place to ensure their customers are fully informed about all costs associated with the loan options their lenders offer. Our customers are able to make an informed decision about the suitability and affordability of the loan before they make the decision to proceed.

    With FatCatLoans, you can borrow between £100 and £5,000*. Please be sure to think very carefully before you apply for any amount. You will need to be certain that you can repay your loan each month until it is paid in full.

Why does the APR seem so high?

All companies within the UK finance industry are required by law to represent interest rates using a calculated Annual Percentage Rate. This is what is known as 'APR'. Displaying an APR makes the comparison of loans easier to understand. APRs are more indicative of cost for loans that are taken over a 12 month period or longer. This makes the calculation quite difficult to compare on a like-for-like basis for loans taken over short periods of time.

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